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"I have had breast cancer twice. The first time was ten years ago and the treatment was chemo and radiation. I was put on antidepressants. The other was just a year ago and it required a mastectomy. I did yoga with Sally G. Ingalls RYT. I used all of her techniques while getting prepped for surgery and after while recovering.

I had always enjoyed Sally's class prior to my diagnoses because she was always professional, fun and knew everyone by name and everyone's physical condition. As soon as I talked to her about my situation she brought me literature, she gave me words of wisdom and she gave yoga moves that would help with strength and cleansing. At the end of her classes she reads to us and what she reads to us, I take home with me the rest of the day, week or until I see her again. I am now going to go through reconstruction and augmentation and Sally has all ready started helping me prep for it mentally and physically.

She is by far a unique instructor. She has helped me through a very, very difficult time in my life. I feel when anyone gets diagnosed with breast cancer part of their treatment before and after should be Sally G. Ingalls, RYT."
Teri Cesa, Cape Coral, Florida

Dear Sally,
Just wanted to send this message to you before too much time elapsed. I am the woman who said thank you and good-bye to you last week, as I was ending my two month stay on Pine Island, as well as my temporary attendance at the fitness center. As you may recall, I live in Rhinebeck, NY, very close to Omega Institute.

The reason for my writing is that on our way home I was driving for a long stretch, giving my husband a break. I was getting drowsy and there was nowhere for me to pull off to rest on the interstate. I remembered the two little chocolates you gave me the day before and fetched one from my purse. The effect was instantaneous: I got a second wind and the drowsiness evaporated!

I am telling you this because we never know what goodness will come out of seemingly small kind gestures. This seemed worth sharing with you and perhaps it will make you smile inside, as it did for me. Thank you for your wonderful instruction in yoga class and your kindness of little clementines and chocolate treats...a kindness more far-reaching than maybe you or I might have imagined!
Donna Zulch


I am a registered yoga teacher, nurse and practicing yogini. I have been a yoga student of Sally Goldberg’s for the past sixteen months. During this time I have witnessed Sally’s talent, sensitivity and accommodating nature as a teacher. Sally keeps her classes fresh, enjoyable and meaningful. She allows for different levels of skill and understanding among her students. Besides offering clear verbal instruction, Sally provides a visual guide for her students by demonstrating correct alignment in postures and offering modifications. She creates a nurturing, nonthreatening environment and readily responds to needs and questions. Sally has much knowledge regarding human anatomy, however, I find her greatest strength is her wisdom and understanding of the human spirit. As a facilitator of yoga she offers not only instruction, but support, encouragement and inspiration. I feel very grateful and blessed to be a part of her yoga community.
Kindest Regards,
Judith Trickett, BScN, RYT



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In brief tranquil moments when the senses are relaxed and responsive, when the heart is easy and the mind light, we can hear the voice of silent space speaking.  Awareness responds  and the blessing of healings and knowledge flows forth. The benefits of yoga as a practice to reduce stress, increase flexibility and physical strength and foster greater overall health and well-being is more widely recognized than ever.

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