Integrative Yoga  Yoga can become part of your self-care routine for life

Integrative Yoga means concentrating on working safely with those with special health  considerations, such as the less active, aging adults, & anyone medically rehabilitating from disease or surgery; while keeping all medical conditions and contraindications, under consideration while bringing awareness to breathing, balance, flexibility and mental fitness.

As approaches to health continue to evolve, Yoga will become a primary vehicle for the wellness programs of the future because of its ability to promote health and healing at physical, emotional, and spiritual levels simultaneously. Yoga is already being accepted into mainstream wellness approaches at hospitals, businesses, schools and universities, summer camps for children, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, and a variety of other settings.

Do Yoga!  Benefits of Yoga for you...

In brief tranquil moments when the senses are relaxed and responsive, when the heart is easy and the mind light, we can hear the voice of silent space speaking.  Awareness responds  and the blessing of healings and knowledge flows forth. The benefits of yoga as a practice to reduce stress, increase flexibility and physical strength and foster greater overall health and well-being is more widely recognized than ever.

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