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Each position and pose of Yoga brings a new connection to Body, Mind and Spirit.

"Urdhva Mukha Svanasana"
(Upward Facing Dog Posture)EFFECT+ strengthens wrist, shoulders, opens chest, works entire spine.

Abdominal lift=EFFECT+building muscle strength, energizing.
"Cats Breath"
(inhale) warms the spine, safe substitutefor other postures.
Forward fold "Cats breath"(exhale) warms the spine, safe substitute for other postures.
Full expression of "Baddha Konasana"
(Bound angle) EFFECTS + stretches adductor/inner thighs, alleviate sciatica pain.
(Side intense stretch)=Effects + relieves neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist stiffness.

  with Mudra=EFFECTS+ preperation for Pranayama   (breath control).
"Ardha Padmasana"
variation=EFFECTS + stretches/strengthens lower spine, massages internal organs, improves digestion.
"Parivartta Parshvakonasana"
(Revolved Side-Angle) with Jnana Mudra hand=EFFECTS+ balance & focus, deep stretch, helps digestion.
  (Crane/Crow Posture) EFFECTS + strengthens wrists,   arms, shoulders, Abdomninal muscles, concentration and   balance.
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